Broken Back’s interactive music video for Vente-privee


The one-liner: An interactive music video by Broken Back for his track The Sooner The Better, in which the viewer becomes the stylist

The context: In partnership with French retailer Vente-privee, the viewer is put in control of the narrative. You’re prompted at key points throughout the story to choose the right clothes before you can progress, and shown the outcome in real time. Born out of the Sony Music partnerships team, it’s hosted on – with ecommerce links for all the outfits shown

Why it’s great: This a much deeper, smarter partnership for a music video than the norm. Rather than the standard product close-up, this is a compelling way to integrate the brand in to the video in a way that makes sense – and becomes part of the story. On that note, it’s well-written and amusing, it actually relates to the lyrics of the song – and keeps your attention to the very end. Plus, the UI is easy to use and quick, so it’s not tech for tech’s sake. There’s also a standard video version (posted below) to use for broadcast/online, but spoiler alert – you’ll see the ‘right answers’ if you watch this one 😉

The takeaway: Music video partnerships aren’t going to go away any time soon, but doing truly collaborative planning from the get go produces great work like this



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