KFC follows 11 people on Twitter


The one-liner: Kentucky Fried Chicken’s genius move (via Wieden+Kennedy) to only follow the five members of the Spice Girls and six famous men named ‘Herb’ on Twitter

The context: A hot story in October 2017 when someone (a PR pro, no less) finally cracked the reference to KFC’s famous ’11 herbs and spices’ recipe.

Why it’s great: This is the most basic form of smart social; it’s free, and just required a bit of planning. I’ve seen some commentators get *way* too strategic over this, complaining that this ‘didn’t link to a bigger campaign strategy’. But for me, making a clever reference to one of your best-known brand properties works for me. The PR value alone would have been worth it.

The takeaway: Sometimes a clever idea is just a clever idea, and doesn’t need to be anything more than that


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