Food52 partners with Makers for mugs

The one-liner: Food52’s socially-focused campaign to sell a series of limited edition mugs.

The context: If you follow Food52 on Insta, you’ll already know just how much it *gets* its audience of food-loving, gadget-cravers who spend way too much money on kitchenware (no judgement, I am this person). What started as a vibrant community for recipe-sharers has over the years introduced its own cookbooks, a shop, and even a real-time cooking helpline. For me, the site itself is a bit of a bombardment of content (from user-contributed to professional, with a hefty dose of banner ads chucked in). The social is far more refined.


Why it’s great: I first spotted the post above in my feed. Despite how overused it is as a method of partnership, I’m still a huge fan of selecting a group of relevant people and asking them to create/design their own interpretation of something. There’s something that satisfies at a basic human level when you’re presented with a variety of options and get to decide which one appeals the most. So, my interest was piqued. Then I saw the follow up below on Stories, with a clear set-up for the week, an explanation of the partnership, then video from each designer including a swipe-up link to each of their items.

The swipe-up link took me to to purchase, and explore more about the maker & the rest of their collection.

The takeaway: Simple, well-considered stories that build naturally using the free functions available on social platforms are often the most effective when done well. Most of the beauty of the work above is good planning and preparation, with consistent posting across the week.

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