Adobe’s Make the Cut

The one-liner: Adobe Premiere Pro’s partnership with Imagine Dragons to create an ‘open source’ music video

The context: Adobe highlighted two key issues young creatives had with Adobe Premiere Pro; price and quality. Why use a premium tool when there are so many free apps available, and without access to high quality footage, what’s the point anyway? Will it even make any difference?

Why it’s great: To coincide with Premiere Pro’s 25th anniversary, Edelman led a campaign that saw the business team up with Imagine Dragons (via an audience matching process with Interscope Records). They made all of the footage for the track ‘Believer’ available – from unseen stuff to scenes that just weren’t used – alongside free trials of the editing software. The band, Adobe and Interscope then launched the campaign across their combined social channels,, targeted email, influencer outreach, a microsite and event extensions. These included personalised messages from the band, a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, and even local editing workshops. This led to 80,000 downloads of the video footage and 10,000 full length fan-cut video submissions from 28 different countries, across just 25 days. When you consider how hard it is to get people to do anything that involves editing/producing content, this is an impressive feat. 

The takeaway: Riding the wave of a popular band with an upcoming video launch can produce deeper results if you think laterally. The partnership with Interscope allowed the brand to reveal new material just as the main video was airing & becoming popular, and provide something truly cool for young creatives to play with – along with the tools to actually do it.

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