Channel 4’s Bake Off trailers

The one-liner: The utterly wonderful trailers for Channel 4’s version of The Great British Bake Off, produced by 4Creative

The context: As Great British Bake Off made its controversial move from the BBC to Channel 4, the broadcaster had a lot to live up to and its fair share of skeptics. Rather than try to repeat what had been done before, the show’s producers maintained its core essence –  but evolved this with a more quirky personality and raft of presenters to match. There was an injection of far more off-the-wall fun that went with the switch – and the trailers (directed by animation studio Parabella and produced by Blinkink) bring this to life perfectly, creating characters from a variety of magical bakes. 

Why it’s great: I loved writing this piece because it gave me the excuse to watch these amazing pieces of stop motion again. They divided opinion when the ‘singing cakes’ strategy was first launched in 2017, but personally I think it’s genius. Whichever side of the fence you sit – it certainly got people talking.

The takeaway: Just go with it. If your client or brand has taken a brave new direction, lean it and make the decision core to your creative.

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