The Lego Movie

The one-liner: LEGO’s all-encompassing, blockbuster film series – which is essentially a very clever advert from start to finish

The context: Can you even say you write a content blog without talking about The Lego Movie(s)? For me, you can’t. The decision to move in to this space was nothing short of a stroke of genius by the world’s most-loved toy brand. The company brought in Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (the pair behind Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) to create a genuinely funny movie, with a twist at the end that TOTALLY fits with the spirit of what LEGO stands for without feeling like it’s ruined the entire movie by being too commercial. 

Why it’s great: This isn’t just a family-friendly movie for kids, designed to induce pester power. This is a dual-targeted parent and child mega-hit. With adult jokes and references to nostalgic toys like Batman & Star Wars (and in fact, partnerships that go back to the 80s when you get to the Master Builders scenes), it’s something both purchaser and player can enjoy. 

The takeaway: Dream big and take risks kids. When you do your homework, it pays off. Immediately following the release of the movie sales jumped 14% for the remainder of 2014, then in the following year after, rose 25%. So far the series has pulled in $469m at box office alone. Roll on the sequel, coming Feb 2019…

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