I have to confess. I am an obsessive keeper of lists.

My public Pinterest boards are just the tip of a meticulously-planned iceberg of parties, occasions and things I want to do. What once was a GReader-full of starred posts has become a heavily-sorted Feedly, and the saved notes, moleskines around the house, shared calendars & whiteboards on the fridge are testament to my need to capture things to remember them for a later date.

After I moved back in to the agency world having written for trade magazines for a good few years, people started asking me if I missed it. My answer was, and still is, the same: I miss knowing the most interesting new things. The innovative companies, the smart CEOs, the best case studies – all on the tip of my tongue because I had to be able to call them at the drop of a hat to comment on a story.

Over the years, that need changed. I didn’t need to know the best work to write about it – but to use it as inspiration or to learn from it for clients. My team and my colleagues asked me for examples of one thing or another. And so, here we are.

Rather than trawl through private lists to extract case studies and examples on a case by case basis, I’ve decided to put them on here – tagged by industry and by technique.

What makes truly great, effective content? For me it’s the alchemy of three elements:

Beauty – it’s got to be visually appealing. This doesn’t mean it always has to be a high-spec, premium production – but it does mean well-designed, arresting work.

Intelligence – it’s got to be smart. It could be that the concept is clever, that the use of an old medium in a different way has created something really cool, or even that somebody’s thought about a new platform in a different way.

Simplicity – it’s got to be easy to understand. Perhaps the most important of all. Enough said.

This site won’t be a news feed, it won’t always be about the latest thing – but it will be a curated look at what I consider to be great examples of content marketing. I’d love to know what you think along the way.

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