The Epidemic

The one-liner: Monica Lewinsky’s PR firm and BBDO team up for an interactive experience that shows a ‘silent epidemic’ gripping the world

The context: For years Lewinsky has been an avid activist against cyber bullying, using her platform to make thoughtful, impactful commentary. This immersive piece of work, called The Epidemic, brings it to life through the eyes of a teen girl named Hailey, shown struggling to sleep & eat before showing signs of anxiety and staying home from school.

Why it’s great: Watch the video and see one side of the story; then enter your mobile number and rewatch, with the added context of what’s really happening in the video. The immersive nature of this is harrowing, using fairly straightforward technology in an incredibly compelling way. Be mindful when watching, this could be a trigger for some so viewer discretion is advised.

The takeaway: Strong storytelling will always ring true, and using even the most basic of technologies in a smart way, in real-time, makes all the difference

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